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We’ve been so blessed this year, and thankful for so many things...
We’ve decided we’d like to give back to our community , and give you the opportunity to join in!

🎄 We now have a giving tree 🎄
Starting today, until Dec 11th

You can swing by the salon at anytime and grab a card from our tree, purchase the gift, or simply give a donation.
We pray these 5 siblings are able to have the Christmas they deserve.

“Circumstances in life change like the seasons. But no matter what, we can place our hope in what doesn’t. God!”
🙌🙌Who’s in the market for low maintenance 🙌🙌

•This beautiful lady (inside and out) had been going to the salon every 6weeks for root touch up highlights!
•Today.... after doing a reverse shadow root balayage, she will only need to come every 12weeks for a tone and to bring up the natural looking highlights around her face ( we like to call the money piece)
Do you often wonder...

• Which product is truly designed for my hair type?

•Are they just trying to “sell” me product to make money?

•Why salon products cost more than at Walmart?

The list could go one for miles and miles, but today.... we have a FREE service to offer you!

Hair AI
A quick scan and consult we will instantly receive a product recommendation list tailored to each one of your hair care needs!
The recommendations can be shared on the spot or via text/email for you to shop later using our Amazon link!
8 inches later....
Raychel has a new do, and new nails!
💜Geaux tigers💛
Because sometimes all you need is a little glow....
This beauty right here if the PERFECT example of a GLOW-getter?
Tag a friend below who’d you consider a glow- getter, for a chance to win a free product!
Adding dimension with this subtle balayage...
The perfect blend for fall.
[10/06/20]   We are currently having phone issues...
🙄🙄🙄Community outage. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
It should be fixed by 12:00...
In the meantime you can contact your stylist through messenger or our cell numbers!
Thanks have a blessed day!
Fun fact for FRI-YAY....

Somehow.. idk how but SOMEHOW, I took my client today from “plum purple” to this beautiful contrasted balayage 🔥🖤

Her hair history: The first time she came to me her hair was an all natural level 1 black, we balayaged it to caramel. The second time she came to me she got a little braver and we did a lighter balayage. The 3rd appointment she wanted to try something different so we did the plum. Today was her 4th appointment.

So once again, (disclaimer😂) don’t be fooled into thinking this can happen to your hair in one session if you have dyed black hair, especially if it’s box dye. 🤣 She has only ever had professional hair color on her hair no darker than the purple you see on the left until today. ✨

But don’t be bummed and think this color is IMPOSSIBLE for you if you have dyed black hair or box colored hair. It’s possible but it takes more than one hair appointment and goes through some unattractive stages before you can be fully satisfied with your results. 🥶

Thanks Lindley for the knowledge and amazing transformation
Humans aren’t the only ones who can make an appointment for a blowout....
Fur Babies can to!
Thanks to our local groomer for taking good care of our handsome hunk!
Sebrenah Netterville
Here’s a little helpful hint on how to support your locals...
Her first time to have color in 7yrs!
This is what you call a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION!
And the best part... this balayage technique is EXTREMELY low maintenance This beauty wanted a major transformation! Lots of hair gone & a beautiful blended balayage for the win!!
- Looking for a HEAT FREE beach wave?

- still no electricity, needing a cute way to style your hair for work?
Come by the salon for a blowout and cool ac!

If you’ve answered yes....
This video is for you!!

“ Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.” Eph 4:2
So proud of our girl and how far she’s came in such a short time!!!
Just got my first booking of 2020 for Halloween makeup 😍

I was very skeptical last year when I first started offering my special effects makeup services because I had no idea what people would think. But you guys have given me so much encouragement and support that I have full confidence in what I do 💕

I’ve been seeing a lot of photographers advertising Halloween themed photo shoots which is what made me want to remind you guys that I am a special effects makeup artist! 🙈


There’s descriptions of each costume under every individual photo.

I’m feeling like Halloween 2020 is unfortunately going to be mainly done in photoshoots and video chats being we aren’t allowed to socially gather...

Here’s my online booking page if you want go ahead and book yours today 😜

And yes, I made my Maleficent REAL cheekbones, it’s not an illusion 🙈

Hey guys! We are doing a fundraiser to help raise money for Hurricane Laura victims. Our shampoo & blowdry services will be offered for $15 from Wednesday Sept. 2nd - Saturday Sept. 5th. All the proceeds will be donated to the Samaritan's Purse Foundation. Appointments and masks are required due to COVID regulations. I will be leaving the link to the organization we're donating to if you’d like to just donate without the shampoo & blowdry. I will also be leaving the link to our VagaroPro online booking website so you can book your own appointment or you can call (318) 466-1188 to book your appointment. Please feel free to share this post. Men, women and children are welcome to get their hair washed and blow dried. We appreciate your support and hope everyone is staying safe!

We will be accepting cash and credit cards.

Also, please let us know if you or a family you know is in need and how we can help in any way.


It’s safe to say we now have lights... and water. Thank you Lord!
See you all tomorrow...
We had a few new clients in the salon today as we were cleaning up getting ready to reopen.
Here’s a little preview
[08/28/20]   UPDATE:
💕We are all safe💕
Laura has left us (along with many others)without power... we aren’t sure exactly when it will be restored.
Our service comes and goes. We will be in touch with those of you who need to be rescheduled as soon as we can!
Thankfully the only thing we have lost is power... it could have been much worse.
Prayers for you all! Stay safe
ONE last beautification before LAURA.....
we are ALL officially ready for fall!
💕Great job Lindley 💕

Prayers and safety to you all
One of our specialties....
Allows for a sun-kissed, natural looking hair color, with softer, less noticeable re-growth. The principal idea being less is more when creating a natural, multi-tonal finish. The technique uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the color.
This low maintenance color can be touched up every 6mths with toning to (keep the cool shade )in between
It’s safe to say.... today was a day of TOTAL transformations!
So blessed to work with talented, beautiful, hardworking Christian ladies!
Check out the before/after pics
@lindley moss Monica Daigrepont Hair Fashion
hairdressersrock.com FACE MASK ATTENTION teachers, students, and others that are looking for breathable face masks...
These are VERY breathable and don’t sound like you have cotton balls in your mouth while talking.
Yes it is a sight for hairstylists, but you can purchase blank ones!

https://hairdressersrock.com/collections/mask hairdressersrock.com Hairdressers Rock offers products and coaching that embody the values, aspirations, interests, attitudes, or opinions of hairdressers. Hairdressers Rock seeks to inspire, guide, and motivate hairdressers, with the goal of our products contributing to the definition of the hairdressers’ way of life...
Our job isn’t only to beautify you, but educate you...

PROFESSIONAL COLORS:are mixed according the individual in the chair. So when you tell your stylist you want a Ashy or chocolate brown, you end up with exactly that. The developer used in mixing your color is also picked based on the integrity and strength of YOUR hair, not the client next to you.

BOX DIES: are like picking 'one size fits all' pants, and we're not talking about leggings ladies. So when you pick up a Ashy or chocolate brown box to cover your blonde hair, don't be surprised when you get out of the shower with green or red hair. On top of that, box dyes only use the strongest hydrogen peroxide making sure it can break through the thickest hair cuticle. So to all of our ladies worried about keeping their fine hair in good shape, realize your putting the same chemical on your hair as the lady in the salon chair next to you that said, "can we thin it out a little more". Your hair cant handle the harsh chemicals, leaving you with broken frizzy hair that even your professional flat iron cant smooth.
Awesome job Monica Daigrepont Hair Fashion
💕Back to school💕
Awesome balayage today Lindley!
Check out this masked beauty!!!
While traditional highlights are beautiful, balayage often has a more natural appearance and is lower maintenance.
Thank you all for continuing to wear your masks into the salon!!!

“Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow."
Romans 13:1-2
Sure, each of you at least has heard about balayage hair or maybe even tried it – well, today it’s one of the biggest hair trends! This hairstyle is amazing and so well-loved because it doesn’t require frequent visits to the hairstylist and, undoubtedly, is able to make the hair look many times more beautiful, and your image – much more stylish. In addition, balayage is a technique which suites both younger and older ladies, with its very natural hand painting design formulated specifically for your hair!
How’s ready to give it a try?!?!

“She who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed.”
Isaiah 49:23
When it’s WAY too hot to be outside, running out of things to do with your kiddos, and to find out wearing masks will be in our life of a while!
Here is a neat little project you can do with your littles, and they can actually wear them!
Thanks Long's Products for keeping us safe, clean, and giving us a neat mask project for our children!
Work hard, play hard!
Is what happened this week!
I’ve enjoyed my week off with my precious family and some dear friends camping on beautiful lake ouachita!
Now can wait to see you all again next week.
School will be starting before you know it!! 🙌🙌
Stay Safe... and remember to please wear your masks into the salon!
“Shine your light on LOVE and TRUTH and your SOUL will GLOW.”

Can’t think of a more perfect quote to share with this beautiful color.
We shaped up her lob, and added warmth to the color which gives her shine abs dimension.
Who’s excited about this FRI-YAY???
And even more excited about.....
Welcoming our newest team member Kammy Gurunlian!
Kammy is currently attending the Aveda school of cosmetology in Lafayette and will be graduating in the fall!
On Tuesdays you will see her beautiful face in the salon and speak to her on the phone when calling for an appointment.
Kammy will be Kayla’s Southern roots receptionist! She will also be helping us continue to keep the salon clean and safe for you guys.
Check out her awesome work on Instagram @hair.bykammy
I know you all have been wondering where our corny videos are each month from the pre-book drawings right?🤣🤣🤣

I am very sad to announce you may not be seeing them for a while!

Before you get upset let me explain...
We are now giving each client who pre-books an opportunity to win by receiving a loyalty card!

Because you ALL are winners
Corona Catch up...
We covered that gray... and decided to soften up the color a bit by adding dimension.
We are scheduling back to school cuts now!
Can’t think of a more perfect way to finish off the work week...
Loving this “Corona Hair” transformation💕
We color melted her, which gives you a seamless root look when growing out!
Also lower maintenance

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”...
“Hair has no skin color, only texture.”
💕’n the texture of this pic!
Most asked question of the week....

“If I have gray hair, can I still have the beautiful subtle balayage look?”
And it is low maintenance!!!
Getting balayage while having gray, you have two options.
#1. You choose this to camo your grays coming in ( like me... which I get it touched up twice a year)
#2 you love the look, but still want 100% gray coverage

If you chose #2....
Your first appointment will take some time, to cover your grays, lighten hair, and tone.
Your follow up will only be a root touch up!
That’s right, you will only cover those grays every 4-6 weeks.
What’s so great about the balayage look?
Twice a year... sometimes three times is all it needs to have this amazing look.
Who’s in????
🌽Sweet Corn 🌽
These two precious little girls will be selling sweet corn at the salon this week!
$4 a dozen
Today’s AMAZING MASK award goes to....
She asked to remain anonymous.
I SURE MISSED you all!
Thanks for the laughs, “air hugs” and especially the understanding of our regulations...
It sure makes this new normal easier.

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