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[07/18/18]   Hello everyone!! So as most of you may know, Adam Doyle joined the Navy this year! We have been (impatiently) waiting to receive his first duty station. And we found out earlier this week we will soon be on our way to San Diego, California! 😱 With that being said, this post is mainly to inform my clients. I would LOVE to see you guys in my chair one last time before I go! I have been working hard on finding most of my clients a new stylist and would love to do that same for the rest of those who have not been in recently. You are welcome to get in contact with me by phone call, text message, or you can message me on FB Messenger. And if any of you need your previous color formula to prepare you for another stylist please let me know and I would be happy to share that with you. Thank you all for an amazing experience in the beauty industry. I will miss all of my clients so much! I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do your hair. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cell: 318-290-9070
Tangles Hair Salon: 318-448-3700
I can’t stop starring! 😍
Balayage 😍
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[01/11/18]   Hey guys! So I have officially made the move to another salon and I am now at Tangles Hair Salon on 28E. I have lots of openings and I am more than ready to get working on all your hair needs! You can call or text me to make an appointment at 318-290-9070 or call the shop at 448-3700. Can’t wait to see you! Home - The Salon LLC in Pineville, LA Good morning! I have some open spots left before Christmas! Get in before the holidays! Contact me to book your appointment or give me a call at (318) 290-9070. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle
Someone let me do this to them!!!
Photos from Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's post
Photos from Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's post
Pink balayage 💞
When your clients start to get brave 💓
Customized some extensions for a client by using her same exact formula as her shadow root!
Root touch up and tape in extensions
[09/14/17]   Hi all, and welcome to my personal page! I wanted to make it easier for my clients and future clients to find me and my work. This also makes it easier to post my work in one collective place. When you stop by, please LIKE and SHARE my page to get it growing. Love you all!

REMINDER: Don't forget the holidays are just around the corner! I am booking up fast so get your appointment on the books and lock down it down before it's too late! I look forward to seeing you soon! :)
Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's cover photo
Photos from Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's post
Photos from Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's post
Photos from Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle's post
Hair by Kaitlyn Doyle

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