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[11/06/20]   Last minute opening available at 12:30 for highlight or color tomorrow(Saturday)!! If anyone wants to snag it let me know 🥰🥰
Happy Monday everyone!!
With a crazy school schedule this week for us and others I’m posting my availability for this week!

[10/27/20]   I have one opening left today!! And one in the morning at 9/9:30!
Last chance!
I will be back in the salon next Tuesday!
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Hoco 2020 updos ❤️
[10/18/20]   UPDATE on Openings this week!!

Wednesday BOOKED
By appointment only! (Message me for more info on Saturday appointment)

I will be closed next Wednesday(28th -Saturday 31st)
I Will be taking appointments on Monday (26th) and Tuesday (27th)
[10/11/20]   Hello everyone!! I think it’s safe to say we made through hurricane delta with little to no damage!! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I am posting my availability below
Tuesday October 13-Friday October 16th!
I will be working late on Tuesday and Thursday this week!

I am booked this Saturday for hoco hair , so sorry!

If you want to make an appointment call , text or message me 🥰 i will get you in somehow , some way!!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Happy Monday everyone!

Openings available this week below!!

Closed Saturday!
I have limited spots for October 17th HOCO!!
Message me if you would like to get in tomorrow for highlight or color!! Only one spot open!!

Next available is Wednesday next week!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
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[09/30/20]   I have one opening for haircut today (Wednesday) at 12:30
I have one opening
Saturday at 12:00!!
Last chance to snag these to for this week!
Have a great day!
💥💥 i have a last minute opening for color or highlight tomorrow (Tuesday ) at 11:00!!

💥💥 also last minute opening Friday at 10:00 for
Color or highlight!!

Last call on these two openings they will probably go fast :)
Thanks y’all!!
Hello everyone, sorry for being out last week! I am struggling with a double Ear infection and congestion but I’m not contagious i promise!! I WILL WEAR A MASK JUST FOR MY CLIENTS. So that being said i am back working this week!!


Tuesday booked
Wednesday 4:00(haircut)4:30(haircut)
Thursday 10:00,11:00,4:30,5:30
Friday 10:30,11:30
Saturday 12:00
Let me know if you would like in this week!!
[09/22/20]   I’m sorry to announce that i am closed for the rest of the week. I will announce when i will be back open next week! Apologies again!

Nicole auger
[09/11/20]   Hey ladies and gents 😊
I am posting days I’m available for next week since filling up fast.

Wednesday (will work late) 10:00,11:00,4:00,5:00
Thursday (will work late)10-6
Friday 10:00,12:00(haircut)
Saturday 10-2

Comment or message me for a spot and i will let you if it’s available!
Hope y’all have a Great weekend!!🥰🥰
[09/09/20]   Hey y’all! I’m posting the last few spots i have open this week below if you would like in!!

Thursday 9:00(haircut)
Rusted Roots Salon Last minute openings today! I’m
Booked tomorrow and Saturday! I have a few openings left this afternoon if anyone would like in!
[09/03/20]   I have a few openings left this afternoon if anyone would like in!
[08/31/20]   Hello everyone,
As you may know we all have been hit hard with hurricane laura , but i will be open this week Thursday and Friday!! Saturday i am booked.

Thursday openings from 11:00 , 2:30,3:30,4:30,5:30
Saturday BOOKED

Please text or message me for appointment. Thank you!! And be safe and stay cool as possible!
Rusted Roots Salon
Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce that IM BACK!!! 💕✂️💕

There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears put into my new shop and i can finally say i am ready to start booking , starting THIS WEEK!

I would like to start taking my clients that have been wrote down for months , then once i get all of my loyal clients caught up i will start to accept new clients .

I want to thank my husband for all the hard work, all of the long hours and dedication he has put into this for me! I hope to repay him one day with something he deserves!

Also want to thank misty Weakley Loya for making my signs for me!! You rock girl!

I still can’t let families come in all at once. I’m sorry we still have few rules to follow due to covid.

Comment below if you can come this week during the day , evening and i will get you set up!!

Thanks to everyone for your patience during this time of moving my salon and setting up!!
[07/24/20]   To my wonderful, patient clients!!!
⭐️⭐️Here’s an Update⭐️⭐️

Well we’ve been busting our tails , well my husband has at the new shop and now it’s going to be a little longer to get all the shop stuff done and inspection and We are sad to have to annouce this but I promise I WILL be open and ready to go on August 5 or 6!!! So excited to see everyone!!

⭐️ I understand many of you were planning on coming this week once I got opened but since we can’t do that , if you need root touch up or a trim I understand if you HAVE to go to somebody else , just let me know , be honest and I hope everyone knows we’re doing the best we can!!

⭐️I promise I miss everyone of my clients and I miss working doing what I love!! But I know it will be worth it in the end!

Say a little prayer for our family . Thanks!

⭐️⭐️⭐️Good news clients!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

Today is more construction on the new shop . Saturday I will have a update opening day!!!
(Hoping praying for next week)

Stay tuned!!!!
To all of my wonderful client’s patiently waiting on me, i first want to say thank you for having the patience with me over the past year and half since i started having my health issues, unfortunately i have not gotten better still going through test and etc so with that being said i made the decision with the help of my wonderful family to get my very own building and moving it to my house!! Yes i know some of y’all are going to worry but I’m not far from where i was in town. I’m maybe 10 miles out of farmerville. I am excited to have my very own building that me and my husband will be fixing up! I’m hoping to be ready mid June. I hope that all of you will still follow me!! I love all of you dearly!
I know some of y’all are dying of haircut or color! Just message me about that!
Down below is my new address (which is Marion address but we live in Conway (road is right across from Conway baptist church) on the new cards i will have .
I hope to see y’all soon!! Love y’all very much!
Hello everyone! 👋🏻
I sure miss y’all , hope you all are doing well!

I know y’all are dying to know when I’m opening back up and i promise! it is soon. ☺️
I have had to make some changes but that’s ok and I’m excited to share it with you very soon!! Be watching for the new exciting news of what and when it is happening!!😉

Can’t wait to see everyone!
[05/11/20]   Hello clients!

Well As most of you know , they decided to let us open up the 15th as of today, but as of right now i won’t be opening on the 15th.

I will not be jumping back in as quick as everyone else for my health concerns and yours. And i also have to move things out of my shop that i can no longer have for the time being and deep cleaning and getting all set back up for you all.
I will have a decision before the end of this week though!
I hope that you all understand and still return when i do open back up in a week or so.
Love each and everyone . I will see y’all soon!
[04/24/20]   To my wonderful awesome clients!!

I’m sorry to let you know that we still do not have a re-opening for us to open our salons back up. We do not what phase we will be in at the moment🥴

But as soon as i get the date i will start booking.
There will be a few new rules and new regulations also. I will a few below.

💥 only one client at a time (no family members can come with, no kids ) just you.

💥i will have to spread out clients through the day each week

💥 if you are sick in any way stay home

💥 i will be sanitizing my shop as best as i can between clients

💥 i will be wearing a mask, you will prob have to also

💥 please give me time to get supplies ordered when our supply houses open back up to be able to get to your services

Will post more when i know more info!
Thank you for bearing with me and i can’t wait to see you all!! Love you all dearly!
Nicole Auger 💋
[04/18/20]   Hello clients!!!!
I sure do miss you all and hope y’all are doing ok!!?
Just a little update, i see some salons are booking for first week of May , well I’m not just quite yet .
Mainly because I’m not taking a chance on my health issues , or my clients who have health issues.
Bare with me as I Am waiting on the governor /state board to give us the go ahead,
Then i will decide what day i will go back . Plus I’m a tad nervous about diving straight back into the salon so quick!

Also when i do i will be wearing a mask first few weeks and it will be ONE client only per salon for a few weeks (meaning me and 1 client only) at a Time. no extra family , kids coming with. Sorry.


Remember our beauty supply stores, are not even open yet. Since i was broken into few weeks ago i will have to go unfortunately stock back up thanks to the thieves who stole all my brand new retail and color products .

Hope y’all understand!!
It won’t be long
And can’t wait to see you all!!

Love 💕 💗
Y’all this is amazing!! Need to re stock??? Or go ahead and make that order you’ve been wanting??
Shopping is usually 8.95! Take advantage and get your order in starting at midnight tonight!!

April 8th!! 0.99 cents shipping!! Don’t miss out!
Make your customer account if you haven’t done so already and make that order 🥰
Hey hey everyone!!!
Oh my gosh i miss everyone so much!!! I miss my shop , my clients , my therapy sessions with everyone!! I sure hope everyone is doing ok! I am a week quarantined and Im going nuts but i have to stay home to keep myself healthy to be able to come back to get everybody back looking good again! Remember no box colors 😂🤪 it will cost you more in the long run i promise! If you are a client of mine leave me a comment letting me know your doing ok!! Miss all of you and hopefully will see you soon! Keep your heads up , stay home and let’s kick covid-19’s butt goodbye!!
[03/22/20]   To my clients!!!
Well the time has come that i have to shut down for a few days per government.... i had already made the decision yesterday to close this week coming up due to my personal health issues . I am sorry but we are going to be fine i think this is what our state needs to do! To all of my clients i hope you stay home and sane(those with children at home😂) and stay well!! Take advantage and catch up on some rest like i am doing! Some of us need it and some of us need to spend time with our household . Stay stafe and i will update as soon as i know when i will open the shop back up!

Love you all💜

✂️Nicole Auger✂️
A few hilites and colors from today 🥰❤️ always love days making clients happy 😊
[03/16/20]   Days for next week March 23-28
Tuesday 1-6
Wednesday 10-3
Thursday 1-6
Friday 10-3
[03/16/20]   I only have 2 spots left for Prom at Dwcs if anyone wants to grab them!!

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