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[11/03/20]   Sorry folks. Been back cutting. Just call me 504-645-7320
Or google Dominic's barbershop Madisonville
And itll have all maps info cash only etc...

Thanks everyone
[07/21/20]   I've been open I'm sorry I'm only just checkin this
[04/02/20]   Scratch that. We're closed until the order is over. Thanks, and be safe
[03/26/20]   Hello valued customers. Here at Dominic's barbershop I have implemented over the top cleaning methods that wipe down Anything that you hes anyone with lysol wipes. So there is Never any cross contamination. Also. Its appointments only for the little time being. So that there is never more than one at a time in the shop. If someone comes before I'm finished they can hang in their car doing emails or whatever for a minute or 2 till they're up. So please feel free to call me. 504-645-7320

Thanks and be safe n "WASH THEM HANDS"
[12/13/18]   I truly have The Best customers. Thanks guys so much. Yall have a truly blessed holiday season and a safe, happy new year!

May all your cuts be this Happy...!!!!)
[10/20/18]   You guys get yourselves, and your kiddos in for Halloween haircuts. Tell the little guys i finally got Mario Cart for em while they wait
Dominic barber Madisonville
[03/16/17]   Next to crabby shack in Madisonville. I'm on their left. On 21. Aka 303 covington st
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Opening my shop 1st week in March. Next to crabby shack and the piggly wiggly. Holler at me 504-645-7320

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Dominic barber Madisonville

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