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[06/29/13]   Haven't been keeping this Page up and I apologize for neglecting it. Have been keeping up with hair. Doing my daughter's today some fun colors and of course she let's me do what I want to her lol. My shop is coming along slowly but surely. Can't wait till I get back to work in my own space
[04/30/13]   Due to issues my shop will not open on May 6th as stated. I will have to postpone my grand opening :( I'm getting it together as fast as I'm able but remember I will have some great deals for you all when I'm able to open. And remember I am a beuticontrol sells rep. So if you need your products contact me. Have a great hair day everyone!
[04/04/13]   May 6th is coming fast! The shop is coming together very nicely, even with some obstacles, I will succeed in making my deadline and the opening date I promised. I am planning some fun, exciting things! Can't wait to post them but I must contain myself a little longer. Have a great hair day everyone!
[03/26/13]   Ok so my grand opening for my shop " Shear Designs" will be May 6th. I will have different specials monday - friday that week so stay tuned to find out what great deals I have in store for you all!
[03/11/13]   I haven't been on the page in a while but I am still here. Been really busy with trying to get my own shop open so just bare with me. I'm so excited and can't wait till I have it all done. I will conduct business on here as well as in my shop so keep yall eyes peeled for great offers and deals and whatever else that may pop into my head. Hope everyone has a day filled of being and feeling beautiful! :D
[02/15/13]   Made a mistake yesterday on the price of the hair '' crack '' for the 1.2 oz bottle it is $13 and the 2.5 oz is $20 so give me a call if you would like to purchase it. It's a UV & thermal protection works instantly, it also smoothes, nourishes, protects, mends, and shines. It really works! We are loving it. Call me 337-278-7520 and get cracked out in a good way!
[02/11/13]   Do you use beauty control? I am one of your local beauty control representative so contact me to order some great products. We have makeup, facial products, a restore and fill anti wrinkle line, and even a baby products line.
[02/01/13]   Doing my favorite clients hair! We're doing Madi Gras colors! Will post pics soon
[01/31/13]   I'm Taking walk ins today at the shop. Come give yourself a treat. Here till 5pm or maybe later. We're located in the same parking lot as Peggy's poodle parlor. V-day is close so come and get a gift certificate from us for that special someone or tell your man what you want and need. I will continue my special on the facials till February 28, 2013 & $35 FOR 45 MINUTES ($50 VALUE) So take advantage while it's going on!
[01/28/13]   I have some openings this week I'll be working Tues., wed., thur., fri., and sat. So call me to make those appt. Have a great day!
[01/23/13]   In the shop today till at least 2pm. Come on by and take advantage of this months special. Or get your nails and/or hair done
[01/23/13]   I have some openings this week. So give me a call to make your appt. Don't forget about my special this month on facials! It will end 1/31/2013
[01/22/13]   In the shop today!! Call before using come by to make sure I'm still here! Walk ins welcome for me. Timeless styles hair salon on Johnston st. In the same parking lot as Peggy's poodle parlor
[01/19/13]   i know i havent been on here in a few days i been so busy with everything. im gonna have to get a new phone :( i wont be getting another i phone lol. on a positive note i have reached 40 likes. ya'll r the best and i appriciate it. i know my page isnt much right now but i will be working on it once i get new phone. thank you again to everyone for the support
[01/17/13]   38 people like my page so far!!! I'm so excited!! yall are the best!! i will be posting pictures up as soon as i get my phone fixed just bare with me till then. thank you to everyone who has been shareing my page and putting me out there. i am just starting out on my own and it is hard getting known in this city but i have great friends and family. and crystal atkins im gonna have to do something special for you ;)
[01/16/13]   okay everyone this month i am offering a special on a 45 minute facial. regular price is $50 but this month im doing it for $35 so call me and make an appt. everyone needs a little relaxation. this is the way to go. you get a great price and feel great after!!
[01/16/13]   wow not even 24 hours and i have 32 likes on my page thanks everyone ya'll are the best. and keep it up!!!!
[01/16/13]   thank you crystal atkins for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you sedrick meche for the like
[01/16/13]   My price list: haircuts: women $25+
men $15
kid 14 yrs and younger $10+ all includes shampoo and style.
Flat iron $15+
curls $15+
up do $30+
shampoo and set $20.
Perm $55+.
Color: 1 process $40+
2 process $60+
3 process $80+
highlights $20/ 10 foils
cap highlights $35+
deep conditioner $20 or $25 w/ a style.
Nails: basic manicure $15
full manicure $22
delux manicure $30
full set $20
full designer set $26
refills $13
these are only a few things i offer i will have full price list tomorrow
[01/16/13]   thank you ashley arnaud for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you christine olivier for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you andrea benandi for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you amber sion for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you casey prejean dupre for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you ladyploga charles for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you lisa mckenzie richard for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you Kayla picou for the like
[01/16/13]   thank you alison pisani for the like
[01/16/13]   about to post my price list on here... share my page ppl get me out there plz. i appreciate it in advance

Hair, skin, and nails by Blaik

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