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Covington, LA, 70433

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Recent social media posts by Twisted Scissors Barbershop Klipped - The best haircut appointment app Here we go!! Klipped provides easy haircut appointment booking tools. Klipped is dedicated to improving the booking experience for clients while ensuring barbers and hair stylists have all the tools they need to successfully manage and grow their businesses.
Actually need the Klipped Client app, OR just use the Klipped website. Sorry everyone....I’m overloaded and still working on getting things smoothed out.
Klipped Business Finally an app that works 😁
Appointments can be made here
[05/15/20]   The Facebook appointment booking isn’t working, I’m currently setting up an app for online payments and booking.
Sorry for the soon as the app is setup I will post the link. Thanks for patience and understanding.
Can officially re-open
I would appreciate anyone who has left obnoxious messages on my voicemail to READ the following. I have your numbers and suggest that you stop leaving messages.
I’m not going to risk a fine and losing my license.
[03/31/20]   Sorry everyone, I don’t quite know how to use the appointment app yet so just call please. If no answer, leave a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’ve forwarded calls to my cell so please leave a message....I receive a lot of sales calls so I don’t always answer unknown #’s.
I’m practicing safety (masks, etc.) and as always, sanitizing everything.
[03/17/20]   Okay....I’ve had issues with the phone but everything is good now.
Up and running at new location BUT.....for everyone’s health and safety, it’s by appointment only at this time.
If you would like to make an appointment call and leave a message at 985-400-5555 and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Those of you that have my cell #, feel free to go that route (as long as it’s NOT before 8:00 a.m 😂) Memorial Fund for the Babin-Dunlavy Family organized by Brittany Knapp Mourning the loss of a beautiful friend, Terri Linn Babin Dunlavy.
Any donations to the family for expenses would be greatly appreciated. ❤️
Please share this link, all help is appreciated Thank you for taking the time to read this story. We believe it’s during ti… Brittany Knapp needs your support for Memorial Fund for the Babin-Dunlavy Family
[02/18/20]   I moved to a new location. Come see me at 19331 N. 12th St. Covington. (Behind the Auto Zone).
[01/09/20]   Due to non-renewal of lease I’m not opening today. I will be open tomorrow.
Time is running out and I must secure a new location ASAP.
Thanks for understanding
The doctor is in
[05/28/18]   Okay....came in. 190 is a ghost town and I’m outta here. John and I cleaned, now I’m bored. Have things to do, Happy Memorial Day everyone.
And 🎈Happy Birthday 🎈to that individual that I gave birth to on this day 32 years ago.
[05/28/18]   The shop will be opening at noon today in observance of Memorial Day. ( Its only one hour, I’ll be there ) 😊
[04/24/18]   Congrats to Megan! She finally had the baby!
Also, shop closed today....I have a rheumatology appointment.
[03/31/18]   Due to increases in rent, utilities, etc. there will be a price increase in the near future. The cost of doing business keeps getting higher every year so in order to keep the doors open, we must make an increase.
The discounts we offer will still be given (Senior, First Responders (military, police, fire, etc)
We are not a corporation (aka CHAIN) and we pride ourselves on quality over everything.
We won’t give up that quality just to get more people in the chair....that’s why we are different!
Thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing US!
Our customers are the best!
[02/21/18]   As most of you are aware of, I’ve had a tough time finding an AWESOME barber, which is why I worked alone for so long. I want/need to have someone that CAN do hair in case I cannot be.
This being said, I hung in there and Megan walked in right around Christmas. She said she could cut hair and she wasn’t lying!
I trust her completely with ANYONE’S hair and I’m confident that no one will be unhappy.
She really DOES care about the way you look so to my amazingly loyal people, if I’m not there...she CAN cut your hair (and no, I won’t be mad).
Megan is actually THE best person I’ve worked with, those that haven’t met her WILL like her, she’s a smart @ss too 😬
Just wanted to update to those who don’t know. It’s Megan and myself working now, no need to worry 🙄
Come get cleaned up for the week! We are here 11-7 today. See y'all soon!

Medium bald fade by Megan.
#barberlife #covingtonbaber Can you spare a few moments to take my survey? Please take the survey titled "Customer Satisfaction Survey Template". Your feedback is important!
Hello everyone! New barber in the house! Her name is Megan. She is very talented. Come on in a give her some support! Get cleaned up for the weekend.
[01/06/18]   We are here at the shop 10-2 today. Come see us!
[12/21/17]   Hello all! Will be open Friday at 11:00! Thank you for your patience, it’s truly appreciated!
[12/17/17]   Shop will be closed tomorrow until further notice. I’ll keep updating here as often as possible. I have a relative out of state who is not doing well, I just received this information this morning.
If I don’t get to see some of you, I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Thank you all for a great year!
[12/14/17]   Closed today due to illness
Will be open tomorrow
Sorry for the inconvenience
[11/24/17]   Closed Black Friday, will be open Saturday. Have a great day!
[11/18/17]   Attention to all you last minute fellas! Shop is open Wednesday, just a heads up! 👍🏽
[11/17/17]   Shop will be open Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.
Regular hours 11-7
[09/24/17]   Carl will be working part time for now. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be the days he'll be working. Against The Madness Please sign and share! It's extremely important! I just signed a petition at Please join me in supporting this important cause!
[09/15/17]   Well, I finally have help.
Mr. Carl is at your service! I'll be posting his schedule over the weekend.
[09/04/17]   Have a safe and Happy Labor Day!!!
[08/09/17]   I'd like to say Thank You to the Carboni family. You're an amazing family and I appreciate ALL of you!
John and Suzanne Carboni, I don't know how y'all do it! Great parenting!
Hope Colton likes his hair for REAL 🤣

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Twisted Scissors Barbershop

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